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Treatment for Nursing Bottle Cavities

Milk teeth are very important as they have to last until the permanent teeth grow. They not only help in chewing, appearance and speech but also hold space in the jaw needed for the adult teeth. 

Milk teeth, if removed before their naturally shed can result in space loss that can lead to functional and esthetic problems. 

Early Childhood caries (ECC) or nursing bottle decay (Baby bottle tooth decay) is the most common dental problem that develops in infants, especially who are put to bed with a bottle containing sweet liquids like milk, milk formula, and sweeteners. 

The bacteria in the mouth use this sugar to produce acids that destroy the child’s teeth. 

The first signs of damage are chalky white spots or lines across the upper front teeth. As decay progresses, the damage to the child’s teeth becomes more obvious that might result in sensitivity to hot or cold foods, pain while eating or during sleep and facial swelling. 

Treatment for early childhood caries includes tooth colored fillings, deep caries management and semi permanent crowns. 

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