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Teeth Alignment and Jaw Correction

Diagnosis for facial disharmony, jaw discrepancy, tooth mal-alignment can be assessed as early as age 6, as the permanent tooth erupts. 

Early loss or retained milk tooth can lead to shift and change in the eruption of underlying permanent tooth. 

Use of space maintainers may help not only prevention of space loss but also guides the eruption of permanent tooth normal occlusion. 

Small jaw versus Big teeth and vice versa, space discrepancy, prevention of removal of permanent teeth during braces treatment by age 12 can be addressed by use of Myo-functional appliance and growth modifiers. 

The Oral musculature activity that includes tongue, cheek and lips play a vital role in growth of jaw. 

Early diagnosis and intervention is the key factor for correction of jaw related dental mal- alignement. Removable and fixed appliances can be placed to correct such discrepancy at appropriate age. 

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