The Dental Avenue

Dental Procedure Under Anesthesia

Providing oral health care for infants, toddlers and adolescence whom lack maturity to cooperate or whom are uncooperative for a chair side dental procedure require a designated program. 

Dental Avenue provides comprehensive care for these children, where dental procedure is planned and performed under General anesthesia. Dr.Senthil Kumaran is associated with a well reputed Children hospital in Chennai for all hospital based dental procedures. 

The child is scheduled for full mouth dental rehabilitation with a complete pre-operative physical assessment that includes routine blood investigation. You will be given detailed instructions outlining on when and what your child should eat and drink before the procedure.

Normally the child should be in NPO (empty stomach) 4 – 6 hours prior procedure. Hence most procedure are planned and performed during early hours of the day. 

Most children are observed for an hour after the dental procedure and return home the same day and to school the very next day. 

Appropriate post operative instructions that include medication would be given and would be scheduled for a recall visit after a week. 

If you need further assistance to explain the procedure, Please ask. 

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